I have made a video using Window Movie Maker. I have formatted my computer and lost the program installation files. Now I found that Microsoft stopped supporting movie maker and it is no longer available.

I have to edit the video that is saved as .wlmp. Please help me. It is an important file and I do not have time or resources to redo it.

EDIT: I tried to install Windows essentials 2012. I got this error message.

enter image description here


MS Movie Maker, though no longer actively supported, is available as part of the Windows Live Essentials 2012 package, and Movie Maker runs under Windows 10 as well as older versions. It's available from CNET, The Wayback Machine, etc.

When installing, select only Movie Maker and Photo Gallery -- I know of no way to install one without the other.

Caveat, unless one preserves them through the Registry, this will likely mess up some file associations, so that next time a .PNG, .JPEG etc. file is double-clicked, the default program will need to be specified again.

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