my new Logitech keyboard has worked for the entire summer but now, suddenly some of my buttons don't work when I try to press them while already pressing other buttons

edit:i cant seem to press shift a few non-numpad numbers, alt and spacebar while holding w. dont rember the model but i am on windows 10

and it might be the case becouse i was playing a game when it changed

I found the solution:my enter key was stuck idk how this affected the other side of the keyboard but well it works. the answer also helped as I started looking around my keyboard for some sortof button that did something and noticed my enter was stuck. thank you


My first guess is that you're experiencing the effects of a keyboard with poor rollover capability, meaning only a few keys can be registered simultaneously. However, considering this appears to be an unexpected change in circumstance, are you sure you haven't activated a mode on your keyboard designed specifically for preventing certain key combinations? For example, on some gaming keyboards, there is a key which disables the Windows/host key and thus its combinations.

Please try rewriting your question to include more details, such as the model of the keyboard and Windows version.

  • "n-key rollover" as a phrase is typically a feature of high-end keyboards... look at jamming / ghosting. It would be better to just introduce the topic as "rollover" – Attie Jul 25 '18 at 16:00
  • Fair point, edited. – Benjamin Crawford Ctrl-Alt-Tut Jul 25 '18 at 16:10

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