I'm wondering if there's a way to customize windows-10 notifications. I've looked around for modifying the toast location and found:

Where is the Icon Tray (notification area) registry stored?

Bonus points if I can change the look/feel of them. I'm okay with third party apps. Basically I want to be able to see messages from slack in the center of the screen when slack isn't visible, not in the periphery.

Edit: By filter I mean more than what's available in the Window's notification options. Perhaps I want notifications with the text "Warning" or "Error" to show but not others. Some applications provide a finer notification granularity than others, I'm hoping for a solution that would provide this capability in an application agnostic fashion.


You need to install the BurntToast module. This module lets you create custom toast notifications on Windows 10


Adaptive and interactive toast notifications let you create flexible notifications with text, images, and buttons/inputs. The following Microsoft doc talking about this:

Toast content


Also, I find out a Toast Notifications Desktop Application on Stack Overflow, it’s worthwhile to consult.


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  • Thank you, I would upvote your answer but don't have sufficient rep yet. I didn't manage to see a way to place the notifications in the center of the screen. I'm assuming this isn't possible without hacking about? – James C. Jul 26 '18 at 12:35

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