I have two csv files like this:


user size
aaa   10
bbb   20
ccc   30


name value
www   5
mmm   8
ppp   9

I want to convert this to two separate HTML tables using a shell script. How do I do this?


Assume the fields in your files separated by spaces and you've only two fields in every row:

sed -E '1 s@^([^ ]*) *(.*)@<table><tr><th>\1</th><th>\2</th></tr>@ ; \
  2,$ s@^^([^ ]*) *(.*)@<tr><td>\1</td><td>\2</td></tr>@ ; \
  $ s,.*,&</table>,' test1.csv

The first line assumes the first line of test1.csv is table head. Open the <table> tag, a <tr> and enclose every field between <th>. After it closes the </tr>. The second line is similar but only transforms from the second line of test1.csv.

The third line appends the last line ($) the </table> to close the table tag (opened in first line).

You can do it with pure awk of course.

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