I have a laptop that is almost 8 years old now and works really good but the question is, it has 3 Gb of Ram that is 2+1 where i want to increase the ram to 4GB now. It is the following description - 1gb DDR3 667mhz pc3-10700, but all i am getting as a replacement are of higher bandwidth of 1333MHZ. Where can i get the same of 667MHZ or can i use the 1333MHZ. Please help.

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    You can use fastest RAM as far it's supported by motherboard, it will switch automatically to the lowest speed of other (slow) RAM module(s) – Alex Jul 26 '18 at 17:21

Different memory frequencies can be mixed use as long as they are in the same generation, for example, they are all DDR3 regardless of their sizes.

enter image description here

Based on your description, you have the "1GB DDR3 667mhz", so you can use the 1333mhz.

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