OS: fresh installed Windows 7 64 bit (with all updates installed).

Browser: Internet Explorer 11 32 bit

Java: 8 SE, 32 bit, build 181 (latest for now)

CPU: Intel C2D

IE Java plugin is activated

Symptoms: Applets are not loading. I checked this with few sites:

Java seems activated in these places:

  • In IE: Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level -> Scripting -> Scripting of Java applets = Enabled.
  • In Windows Control Panel: Configure Java / Java Control Panel -> Security -> Enable Java content for browser and Webstart applications

I made few restarts because I expected that they did not help.

Any assumptions will be highly appreciated.

Activating a console that could show what the problem is will be highly appreciated.


This is not a solution for IE, so I wait for an solution for it.

As a workaround, clients could install an older version of FF, Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR 52), where applets support is still not removed.

I have been told that Google Chrome also has such old version with extended support

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