Had bsod. Mini dump file indicated memory corruption. Subsequent attempts at rebooting resulted in Windows attempting automatic repair unsuccessfully.

Memtest x86 identified one of two 8 GB stick of memory was bad. This was removed and the remaining 8 GB tested good.

The boot behavior of the computer did not change. Srttrail.txt showed

root cause found:

boot critical file D:\boot\resources\custom\bootres.dll is corrupt.

And it was unable to repair the file.

I've tried restore points which were unsuccessful. I tried doing a repair reinstall with an ISO image of Windows 10. Apparently, since the image could not confirm that I had a working version of Windows 10, it would not allow that process to occur.

I ran chkdsk /f and sfc scannow.

I examined the folder reference in the error message in what I think is the boot volume by entering the command prompt after the failed recovery. That file does not exist in the referenced folder.

It does exist in C:\boot\resources\ (one folder up).

Any suggestions appreciated.


I attempted to repair the boot sector using the bcdboot command. Of interest to me, and pertinent in the end result, was that bootrec /ScanOS showed 0 installations compatible with windows. So that tool couldn't be used to rebuild the boot sector. And bcdboot resulted in a non-bootable computer.

So I bit the bullet and resolved to do a clean install of Windows 10 from a downloaded ISO burned to a DVD.

As I wrote above, I was not able to choose the option to retain my files. Perhaps that was related to bootrec not detecting an windows compatible install?

And much to my surprise, all of my personal files were found in the windows.old file. (I did have everything backed up, but it was much more convenient to have the files on my HD instead of having to recover from the backup medium.

In summary, I was not able to recover my windows installation, but I am up and running again, and should be getting replacement memory next week (Crucial has a lifetime warranty on their memory, so it won't cost me anything).

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