I am trying to do SSH where target server is accessible through jump server only.

 +-------+       +----------+      +--------------+
 | Laptop| <---> | Jumphost | <--> | TargetServer |
 +-------+       +----------+      +--------------+

To access the server, I have to use my private key.

I recently shifted to MAC from Windows machine. In windows I was using WINSCP tool and through tunnel option in WINSCP and Allowing agent forwarding I was able to access the target servers.

Target server setting: enter image description here

Tunnel setting: enter image description here

Authentication/Agent forwarding setting enter image description here

I have placed same private key in both the settings.

Now I am looking for direct SSH command (to execute on MAC) so that I can access servers.

I have tried the following command

ssh -i privatekey.pem -Ao ProxyCommand="ssh -i privatekey.pem user@jumpserver" user@targethostname

but getting an error:

-bash: line 1: $'SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_7.6\r': command not found

  • You probably have some alias defined, that expands some of your constants to something you don't want. What is output of alias? Write set -x, press enter and write your command again. What is the output? – Jakuje Jul 30 '18 at 22:24

Following command worked for me

ssh -i privatekey.pem -o "ProxyCommand ssh -W %h:%p -i privatekey.pem user@jumpserverhost" user@targetserver
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