I am setting up a new virtual machine as a dev environment for a project I'm working on. I'm using VS Code for the IDE, Linux Mint 19 for the OS, and Virtualbox 5.2.16 under Windows 10 for the virtualizer.

Given that I was dissatisfied with the compatibility between Cinnamon (Gnome 3 based) on Mint 18 and VirtualBox's seamless mode, I thought I would try Mint 19 with MATE (Gnome 2 based) instead. Cue fanfare... it solved all the problems I was having. However, it also introduced a new... let's call it an "annoyance".

Now, when I scroll up and down in the editor panel of VS Code, the scrolling is very jerky with a visible "tearing" effect. I went back and installed VS Code under Mint 19 Cinnamon and all the other problems came back.. but that one goes away. Only VS Code appears to be affected. Scrolling in terminal (even with transparent background) and file explorer are silky smooth. Resizing the editor panel smaller does reduce the tearing effect.

These are both freshly installed VMs running the latest Mint 19. Fully updated. VBox Guest Additions installed. VBox and VBox Additions versions match. VBox additions are loaded and working. VS Code 1.25.1. Same VS Code user settings and workspace settings. Same project source files. Same VS Code extensions (and with all extensions removed).

I'm tempted to just shrug and live with it... but I know that in 8 hours a day coding it's gonna make my eyes bleed and my head throb... which makes the problems with cinnamon preferable.

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