Starting from a table like:

Stock   Action  Shares
AAPL    BUY 100
AAPL    BUY 200
MSFT    BUY 100
MSFT    BUY 200
MSFT    SELL    -100


Stock   Price
AAPL    105.5
MSFT    221.2

I'd like to get a table like:

Stock   Shares  Price   Value
AAPL    300 105.5    $31,650 
MSFT    200 221.2    $44,240 

Just a basic portfolio value report.

something like this

Pivot table is great at aggregating the shares, but I can't find a way to add the value calculation. I set up a data model and linked symbol on the two tables, then, if I start with the price table I can put the total shares next to it but when I put the price in, I can only choose sum of price ->

Looks like this

It feels like I'm close.


ok, I got a solution, its maybe way harder than it needs to be but here it goes.

  • Bring the tables into power pivot and create the connection on symbol
  • In powerpivot
    • Add a 'CurrShares' column to the price table, set the formula to =[Sum of Shares]
    • Add another new column, set formula to =[Price]*[CurrShares]
  • Back in the spreadsheet go to data->existing connections, select Tables tab, pick the table and import as a table

Ends up like this

thanks for help from this question

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