I have 1 workbook that has 5 columns:


I am trying to populate the GENDER and FINAL PLAN ISSUES DATEs into a separate workbook that also has the same columns. I have some of the dates etc already, but rather than manually checking one by one ss there a formula / macro that can be used so that workbook 1 will populate the columns if the NAMEs and DOB in workbook 2 match?


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Since both workbooks have the same structure you could simply use a VLOOKUP() with a helper column.

Check Layout and formula

I put the input and output in the same spreadsheet, but you should be able to do so with separate ones. The first column is a helper column with formula $A2&$B2 and filled down. Then in the formula in K2, I use a VLOOKUP to look up the concatenated value of NAME and DOB. The COLUMNS calculates the distance between the target columns and Kth column so that you can simply drag the formula to column M and fill down easily.

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