I have four tables in an Excel 2013 workbook generated from four different ODC files.

Using Power Query, I added all four tables to the Data Model and created a common list in a query. I created several pivot tables, added them to the sheet, and a slicer based on the common list that filter all my pivot tables on multiple worksheets.

I went back to the original data in Power BI and added columns, updated my ODC connections (which are a DAX SELECTCOLUMNS statement).

The tables on the worksheets updated just fine.

The queries in Power Query updated just fine.

When I refresh the pivot tables the new columns are not available in the Pivot Table Fields. I've tried Refresh All on the Data ribbon tab (and the tables and queries update), and also right-clicking on the individual pivot tables and clicking Refresh.

Any suggestions on getting these new columns to show up in the Pivot Table Fields section?

  • A side note question: In my Pivot Table Fields | ALL panel I see every table twice, once with a table icon and once with the database icon overlay. Any idea why I have these and is there any way to not have duplicates? – Josh English Aug 1 '18 at 19:55

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