I need to perform a seemingly very easy action to a massive set of photo's in Photoshop (I also have Affinity available if photoshop can't do it). The photos I have differ in aspect ratio AND size.

My assignment is to crop as much wide space as possible of all product images that I have, while maintaining an aspect ratio of 4:3.

The first part, cropping white space of the images, is easily done using Image -> Trim.

The second part seems tricky. I need all the canvas of all these images to be expanded to 4:3 rather than cropped as I don't want to lose image content (the actual product).

I figured these steps would make sense to achieve this:

  • Determine if which side is the largest (height or width)
  • Take the size of this largest side and then calculate the size of the other based on it
  • center the original image in the newly created canvas size
  • ensure it has a white background
  • save the image

This seems to be impossible as photoshop can only batch crop to a specific size rather than a ratio based on a size

Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

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