I watch terrestrial television (DVB-T2) with VLC player. I put information about all available stations in an .xspf file like

        <title>Das Erste</title>
        <extension application="http://www.videolan.org/vlc/playlist/0">

When I right click on the TV program and select Tools => EPG I only see the program for the selected station. Is it possible to configure VLC that the EPG for all stations of that frequency are shown?

EDIT 20180809 When I omit the line <vlc:option>program=769</vlc:option> in the .xspf file I get like six programs on one frequency. I see the EPG for all six programs. To switch channels I have to right click the video and select some sub menu and finally select the other program I want to switch to. I'd love to have all programs in the playlist. The EPG for all programs of the current frequency would be a nice plus.

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