I'm on a network with a D-Link 615 router, with hardware version M1, firmware revision 1.0.0. I wanted to update the router to a new firmware revision, so I visited the official page for DIR-615 on D-Link's site.

Well, there's a drop-down box there for hardware versions, and - M1 doesn't exist!

What do I do? How can I update the firmware?

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  • @DavidPostill: I did something else, see my answer. – einpoklum Aug 4 '18 at 17:20

This specific hardware version is apparently attributed to D-Link Russia (says so on the web interface); and it was bought in Israel. The D-Link Russia site has a DIR 615 page:


which sends you to an Israeli site:


and after some navigation there, you're led to a Firmware download page:


which has a folder for the M1 version. In there I found an image for Firmware v2.0.17, and have managed to install it without bricking my router. For now.


The situation for the DIR-615 rev H (H1/H2) firmware as well as some others are somewhat similar. They may be found in Germany at www.d-link.de. The HW rev B, D, H & Q are all there, rev B being the only one also available at the .com-site.

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