I am using a public computer and I want to do some Java coding on it. I was able to download IntelliJ and I was able to copy it to my desktop and run it, but I was not able to install the JDK due to lack of administrator privileges.

How do I get a standalone (no install necessary) JDK 8 to use with IntelliJ on Mac? Screenshots below for reference.

IntelliJ running from the desktop:

IntelliJ running from the desktop.

Can’t install JDK without administrator privileges:

Can’t install JDK without administrator privileges.


Use an online Java editor and compiler. Ones that allow you to register (non-anonymous use) can save your work. With a public computer the session is usually reset per user to clean up after the previous person.

There is no StackSnippet for Java here, nor is one likely; probably part of the reason installation is blocked on public computers. With many of the online editor/compilers you can link to your creation and they will run it on their server; that allows you to include a link to a working (partly broken) example here on SE/SO.

An alternative is to get shell account somewhere and you can log into it from a public computer.

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