In the 'Region & language' settings (Language settings), I can easily add a language. How can I control the order of this list?

The settings on the tab clearly states:

Apps and websites will appear in the first language in the list that they support.

I am not able to find any instructions on setting the order. The reason behind this is I need to do testing of an app and I want to control what language comes first as our app supports multiple languages. So in the example below I would like to put Thai first, followed by English (United Kingdom).

enter image description here


If you click on one of the entries, several buttons will appear:

selecting one produces up, down, Options, and Remove buttons

Click on the up or down arrow to change the selected language's position.

If you need to automate the change, you can use PowerShell! The Get-WinUserLanguageList cmdlet retrieves the current arrangement of languages. You can swap the items around and save your changes by passing the adjusted list to Set-WinUserLanguageList.

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