Equalizer APO (and the Dolby EQ that I've also tried) seems to only be working globally (i.e. once I enable it, the entire system and every single program uses it), and that messes up certain things like OBS audio when I'm streaming or recording (sounds become muffled, some sounds get equalized multiple times - first by the music player, then by OBS, then by the viewers' computers etc).

For that reason and as a personal preference, I don't want to equalize most programs and specifically want to use the eq settings on a specific program, like Spotify (which for some reason still lacks an inbuilt one). How could I go about achieving that?


You can kinda hack your way around this. First, on Windows 10 v1803, you can pick a audio output device per-app. This means you can send e.g. Spotify through a specific output device.

With that knowledge, you need to create a virtual audio device. This is a "fake" sound output that can be used to loop the sound back to an input, or send it to a hardware output ... and you can insert an equaliser into the mix :)

There are several ways you can accomplish this. The traditional solution would have been Virtual Audio Cable with a separate per-device equaliser like Equalizer APO, but this is rather complex (and not free). Nowadays there is Voicemeeter Banana (free), which provides the virtual audio devices (built-in) and a basic equaliser, and can integrate with Equalizer APO if you want a more full-featured one.

Or, for Spotify speficically, there is Equalify. I'm not certain how it works or how well it works - YMMV.

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