Similar questions such as this one have been asked before. However, all of them deal with the context menu upon right-clicking a file. I'm looking to remove entries that show up when you don't right click any file at all.

Screenshot of context menu

In particular, I'm looking to remove the Visual Studio, Atom and Git entries, or at least move them to the extended context menu (Shift+Right click)

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Follow these steps...

Open the Registry Editor by opening Run (Win + R) and then entering REGEDIT.
Navigate to this directory: Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shell

enter image description here

Delete unwanted directories. For example, in here, I'm deleting Visual Studio and Git options from the right-click by deleting AnyCode and git directories. Make sure to back up your registry in case something went wrong. (Right-Click > Export)

enter image description here

Now you might be able to see the changes in the right-click menu. If not please restart the PC.

enter image description here

You can also add new keys if you want.

For more information, please refer this website:

How to Open Registry Editor:
How to Back up the Windows Registry:

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