When printing ASCII files via "lpr [filename]" the characters print in about twice what I would consider normal size. This began on Mac OS before Mavericks, still happens on High Sierra. It is consistent over a couple of decades across different printers, different iMacs, OS versions ranging from Snow Leopard to High Sierra, and possibly with different users on the same machine.

When I changed to High Sierra, I did a clean install then using Migration Assistant, migrated everything from a Carbon Copy Cloner bootable clone of the Mavericks system.

All the printers were/are postscript printers.

To remove my data and commands from the situation, the command "date | lpr" yields the same oversize font. If I print a terminal session (Command-P), the lines print in about 1/2 the font size.

I am embarrassed to admit that I probably created the problem via Terminal when I was looking into the "print system" by viewing files with a editor and accidentally changed a file. This was a couple of decades ago. I'm speculating that if I can find that file and undo my inadvertent change the problem will go away.

Can someone please point me to the location in the "printer system" where the font size for the default printer is specified?

If I'm looking at the wrong way, suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!

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