I have a music file that I want to open in notepad and then save as to another location, when I do this it corrupts the file. How can I open and save as the file without corrupting?

I have tried changing encoding but it does not seem to work.

Background: This question may seem strange but I can't get admin access on my PC (nor can I get Windows to start) so I cannot move files (via cmd) and nor can I start file explorer. However I have discovered I can move them via notpad (I am basically trying to recover files from a broken PC that allows me to start notepad and move files to a USB).

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    Boot a healthy system (e.g. live CD Linux) and copy your files. Aug 9, 2018 at 18:59

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The file selection dialog in Notepad should allow you to copy files without opening them and saving them. In Notepad, use the File menu and select Open... or type ctrl-O. Then, use the file selection dialog like you would windows explorer to copy files. For instance, drag a music file onto another volume and drop it. This should allow you to copy music files without corruption.

  • Wow you are right! thank you so much; I am saved :)
    – Xantium
    Aug 9, 2018 at 19:12

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