I'm having problem wrapping my head around routing processing in Nginx.

server {
    listen 80;
    listen [::]:80;
    server_name my_domain;

    root /var/www/ep;

    index index.html;

    error_page 403 404 /my403.html;

    location /images/ {
            try_files $uri @not_found;

    location @not_found {
            root /var/www/ep/not_found;
            try_files NON_EXISTENT_1 /not_found.jpg;

For above config, when I visit http://my_domain/images/xyz.png or http://my_domain/images/ I expect @not_found location directive to take place returning an image from /var/www/ep/not_found/not_found.jpg (it exists) but somehow /var/www/ep/not_found.jpg path is being tried (it doesn't exist). It results in displaying /my403.html file.

I want to use named location approach (@not_found).

Could somebody explain what's happening here?

Why /var/www/ep/not_found/not_found.jpg is not served?


You place /not_found.jpg at the end of the try_files statement, which makes it the URI term, which means nginx will search for a new location to process the request. You should make it not last, for example:

try_files /not_found.jpg =404;

See this document for more.

As an alternative to a named location, you could use:

location /images/ {
        try_files $uri /not_found.jpg;
location = /not_found.jpg {
    root /var/www/ep/not_found;

See this document for details.

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  • Thanks Richard for responding. I'm trying out this named location approach (I updated the question to make it visible) instead of "make it work somehow". I'm learning, I don't prefer quick fix. – lilly Aug 10 '18 at 11:54

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