I share a folder on windows desktop and try to access it with es explorer on an Android device that asks me username and password. after filling it and logged in I see all my pc derive in mobile, I don't share them, and then use net share command in cmd that see all of my drive shared and remark by default share. How can I unshare them?

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You can manually remove them by running :

net share c$ /delete

but they only stay removed until the next reboot. To prevent Windows from re-creating them automatically you need to edit the registry.

Navigate to :


then create a DWORD value called AutoShareWks and set it to 0.

(Note, you may see other posts online referencing the value to add as "AutoShareServer", however that is for server OSs, while AutoShareWks is for client OSs)

  • why this happened? will we needs it sometimes? – Mohsen Saleh Aug 10 at 10:06
  • It's for administrators on networrks, so they can connect to the machines they manage. – Patrick Seymour Aug 10 at 10:21

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