I'm having an Excel sheet, mentioning the status of a task, with following columns:

Task | ID | First answer date | Workaround date | Solved date | Scheduled date | Still_Open

The column Still_Open contains the following formula:


The result of this can by TRUE or FALSE.

I've applied a conditional formatting in order to clearly see the TRUE cases, but now there are some cases where I need to replace the formula by a fix value TRUE.

The conditional formatting will show both TRUE values (the fix values and the formula results) in the same, which I don't like.

Is there a way to distinguish fix values from formulas, using conditional formatting?

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You can use two distinct Conditional Formatting formulas:

To format cells with fixed TRUE/FALSE use:


To format values produced by formula use:


Repeat the same for false if you want distinct formatting for FALSE values

Adjust A1 reference accordingly...

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