I Have virtual machine ( Ubuntu 18.04 ), which is connect to VPN network. This machine is set like a Bridge, so I actually have it in my local site too.

Now the problem. Virtual machine have 2 interfaces,

VPN0:, which is a IP of this virtual PC in VPN
ETH3:, which is a IP of this virtual PC in my local network = Server IP in local network = Server IP in VPN network

( IPs are invented )

In VPN network, there is a server which sending some datas to my virtual machine. On the other side there is a server in my local site which collect these datas, and this also works opposite.

Now I want to route these two IP between each other. I Want that my server in local network can communicate to server in VPN site cross my virtual machine, and this same back. Communication progress on a lot of ports, so will be nice that, simply put, all traffic will be route.

Note at the end: I Can´t connect VPN straight on my server because there is a lot of VPN connection at the same time and they block each other.

Thanks a lot :) ( I´m quite newbie, so sorry but I don´t understand tutorials on net :) )

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