Hi I am looking to have a dialogue box that opens up so that the user can input a number and change the subject line of multiple selected (highlighted) emails.

The below code works only on one email and not the others that I have highlighted:

Sub AddFileNumber()

Dim myo1App As Outlook.Application
Dim aItem As Object

Set myo1App = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set mail = myo1App.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder

Dim iItemsUpdated As Integer
Dim strTemp As String
Dim strFilenum As String

strFilenum = InputBox("Enter Number")
iItemsUpdated = 0
For Each aItem In mail.Items
    strTemp = "[" & strFilenum & "] " & aItem.subject
        aItem.subject = strTemp
        iItemsUpdated = iItemsUpdated + 1
Next aItem

MsgBox iItemsUpdated & " of " & mail.Items.Count & " Messages Updated"
Set myo1App = Nothing

End Sub

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