Home Network Setup:

I have a virgin SH8 router downstairs and a Netgear WiFi extender upstairs. The extender is connected with the VM router. My pc is connected through Ethernet from the extender.

What happened?

My internet has been fluctuating this past week. I spent most of my time trying to figure out what was the problem by using programs such as Wireshark, ping and traceroute. I couldnt pick out what was the problem. Then one day I decided to mess around with the ethernet cables, like swiching them round and using other ones laying around the house. Still....nothing. Then, just today, I hovered my hand over the antenna and the internet started working again, I could finally get up google! I sat down, removing my hand from the area of the antenna, and out of nowhere, it stops working again! Agghhh!!! So then, I hovered my hand over the same antenna and it started working again!


What in the world is going on here!!! I have never experinced this before!!! Could someone please explain?

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