I've used Cinnamon for a while with the default Cinnamon screensaver. On my normal computers with keyboards and such, it works fine. However, I recently installed Linux and Cinnamon on a tablet that doesn't have a keyboard. In the Cinnamon settings, I configured a virtual keyboard (Caribou) to automatically appear whenever I encounter a text box, but it doesn't show up on the Cinnamon screensaver. Right now, I have the Cinnamon screensaver configured to not prompt for any form of authentication, but this isn't very secure.

If there is a way to make a virtual keyboard appear on Cinnamon screensaver, that would work, but I was wondering about other forms of authentication, say a puzzle/maze form like those on Android phones:

Android Maze Authentication

If there are alternatives to Cinnamon screensaver that work with Cinnamon and support a touchscreen-friendly authentication, I'm open to switching (I'm using Debian Buster).

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