The default behavior is history commands scrolling. Any way to change it?

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I believe if you hold Shift down it will scroll the output and not simply cycle through command history.

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This is not a default behaviour and cannot be configured using the UI / settings dialogue. You have to manually edit the ini-file.

  1. Close MobaXTerm, otherwise changes to the ini-file will be overwritten
  2. find the documents inside your user folder and got to the folder named MobaXterm
  3. open the file named MobaXterm.ini with a text editor
  4. look for the section called [Misc]
  5. in this section add a line like this:


Chosse a parameter that suits your needs: alt | ctrl | shift

  1. open MobXTerm again and scroll the window holding down the selected control key

see MobaXTerm-documentation here: https://blog.mobatek.net/post/mobaxterm-configuration-settings/

But heads up. This will probably still cause problems inside a screen session. You can fix this quick by pressing Ctrl + A and Esc or edit your .screenrc as described here:

termcapinfo xterm* ti@:te@ In tmux, it'd be something like (.tmux.conf):

set -g terminal-overrides 'xterm*:smcup@:rmcup@'

  • Works well, but not in tmux
    – diman82
    Feb 4, 2021 at 21:53

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