I went to reset my network because of internet issues I had, and it told me if I remember correctly that the computer would be restarted in about 5 minutes. I had no patience and so I've restarted it myself immediately, and thus the problem has began.

Resetting the network

Now everytime I turn on my computer I get this welcome screen which takes longer than usual, and at some point it immediately restarts, and then it does the same again and basically everytime. I turn the computer on -> Get a welcome screen -> Suddenly the computer restarts, It's a cycle.

The welcome screen, I took that picture

I tend to believe it might be because of a scheduled restart but I'm not sure. I tried to do a restore point but I get a 80070003 error,

System restore error

I tried automatic repair startup repair and none has worked. I used safe mode but the task scheduler doesn't work as it says it doesn't work in safe mode.

How do I fix that?

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