I am using Docker CE v18.06.0-ce-mac70 (26399). Is Docker For Mac same as Docker Community Edition (Mac OS High Sierra)?

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Yes, “Docker CE (Community Edition)” is the same as “Docker Desktop” and yes, this all sounds confusing. But the download page makes it somewhat clearer:

Docker CE for Mac is an easy-to-install desktop app for building, debugging, and testing Dockerized apps on a Mac. Docker for Mac is a complete development environment deeply integrated with the Mac OS Hypervisor framework, networking, and filesystem. Docker for Mac is the fastest and most reliable way to run Docker on a Mac.

The naming is horrible to be honest. There is also “Docker Toolbox” which is not a packaged Mac app but rather is a pure command line tool that—I believe—predates Docker Desktop as explained here:

Docker Toolbox installs docker, docker-compose, and docker-machine in /usr/local/bin on your Mac. It also installs VirtualBox. At installation time, Toolbox uses docker-machine to provision a VirtualBox VM called default, running the boot2docker Linux distribution, with Docker Engine with certificates located on your Mac at $HOME/.docker/machine/machines/default.

The concussion also seems to come from the fact that there is a “Docker EE (Enterprise Edition)” that is basically like the CE (Community Edition) but is a “Containers-as-a-Service” setup.

Honestly, answering this question has made me less confused about Docker options for Mac, but honestly more dizzy and—possibly—confused in new ways.

If you have to ask, then I will assume “Docker Desktop” (aka: Community Edition)‚ is the way to go.


Is Docker For Mac same as Docker Community Edition (Mac OS High Sierra)?

According to the release notes, yes.

Docker for Mac Stable release notes

Here are the main improvements and issues per stable release, starting with the current release. The documentation is updated for each release.


Stable Releases of 2018

Docker Community Edition 18.06.0-ce-mac70 2018-07-25

Source Docker for Mac Stable release notes | Docker Documentation

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