So, my keyboard has a function key that opens Settings in Windows 10. With AutoHotKey, I discovered that the keyboard shortcut used is Win+F21. Here's the key history:

VK  SC Type    Up/Dn   Elapsed Key     Window
5B  15B     d   40.38   LWin            
84  06C     d   0.02    F21             
84  06C     u   0.00    F21             
5B  15B     u   0.01    LWin            

I searched, but there's no reference to this shortcut in the official documentation. Also, pressing Win+Shift+F9 does nothing and AutoHotKey does not log it as Win+F21.

This makes me wonder if is there any other "secret" keyboard shortcuts in Windows that keyboard manufacturers know of and where could those be found.

  • So you question is.. "Is there any other secret windows shortcut around?" or "Is this a valid windows shortcut key?" ? – p._phidot_ Aug 17 at 10:37
  • "Is there any other secret windows shortcut around?". I know it is valid because it works. – D. Pardal Aug 17 at 12:27
  • IMHO, better put that as your question title.. ( : – p._phidot_ Aug 17 at 14:01

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