I make extensive use of the character "Zero-width non-joiner" in my documents and the program I use to write my documents is InDeisng.

In InDesign the shortcut for ZWNJ is CTRL+SHIFT+2.

Now I would like to use AutoHotKey to press Left_CTRL+SPACE and AutoHotKey sends CTRL+SHIFT+2 to InDesign.

I've read this page Remapping Keys (Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick), but sadly it works for single key mapping.

The following code doesn't work

LCtrl & space::LCtrl & LShift & 2

I've tried also the following code, but this doesn't work either

LCtrl & space:: send LCtrl & LShift & 2


If you look at the Hotkeys Doc on their website, it shows that the less than and greater than signs can be used to specify left or right of keypairs. The Send Doc details how to send key combinations including shift and control. This means that the following should be what you are looking for:

Send ^+2
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You can just input this character I suppose, no need to emulate the shortcut. ZWNJ is a unicode character, its code is 200c. So try this:

    send {U+200c}

Note that this will bind a system-wide shortcut, so it should work in most editors.

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