FYI I am very new to the world of system administration. However I have been able to find answers to nearly every question that has come across my desk - till now.

We have LGPO policy's set manually on our machines to prevent unauthorized access of hardware. Specifically "Let Windows apps access the Microphone" which has been set for Enabled -Force Deny. This has been perfectly fine until the recent 1803 update.

When you change the gpedit.msc setting to "force allow" or "not configured" it seems to take a few days for the settings to take affect. Even after restarting the laptop repeatedly (5 times) and running gpupdate /force through command prompt. I have even gone so far as to delete all of the group policy files from C:\Windows\System32\grouppolicy and grouppolicyusers. To top it off I started running a script to manually change the registry setting to force allow.

What gives! Nothing I do seems to apply the changes immediately. We are planning on dumping our domain entirely w/in the next year but for my own education and sanity I must understand this conundrum. Why is there a delay? What can I do to circumvent this issue.

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