After updating my linux-headers, I recognized problems with an old version that also blocked apt-get. I tried to remove the sources manually but I'm stuck at this point.

cd usr/src/linux-headers-4.13.0-36/drivers/pci/switch/Makefile/
sudo rm switch

throws the error

rm: cannot remove 'switch': Too many levels of symbolic links

Here is what I've tried, after googling around, but none of it worked:

sudo rm -r switch
sudo rm -R switch
sudo chmod 666 switch
sudo find -L ./ -mindepth 10
sudo unlink switch

the answer was always "Too many levels of symbolic links".

When I do ls -al I get

d????????? ? ?    ?       ?            ? switch

What is wrong with the file, or how can I diagnose it? How can I delete it? Thank you for your help!


After I rebooted the machine, I booted into the (initramfs) console. There this answer helped me. While repairing my sda1 with the command I had to repair INodes and some other blocks.

fsck /dev/sda1

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