Windows Command line: Is there any way to check syntax of bat file without actually running it?


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Unfortunately a good and extensive checker doesn't really exist.

The only one I was able to locate is BatCodeCheck, which dates from 2014 and which checks for only a limited number of errors.

  • All the more reason to switch to a real language like PowerShell. Commented Feb 24 at 1:40

Maybe you could try to run the .bat in a sandbox enironment. I haven't tried it myself, but start the cmd.exe in a sandbox programm and then try to execute the bat file.

This might work if all necessary files are present.

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    I am looking for a similar solution, because running my bat file only gives an "invalid syntax" error. Wish it would tell me what the invalid syntax was, or at least what ln/char it's at
    – ETL
    Commented Nov 7, 2023 at 3:28

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