I'm using this laptop:


As I said in the topic title, I am dual booting windows 10 and ubuntu 16.04. I want to use my Bluetooth headphones. I usually use Windows for audio/video and Ubuntu for coding, and it ends up fine. However sometimes I pair my bluetooth headphones in Ubuntu also. When I do this, when I go back to Windows, my bluetooth driver doesn't function. If I go to device manager, it has the yellow "error" triangle. If I click properties, I get an error message like this one:


It says the device cannot start (code 10), due to power failure. If I disable and re-enable the driver, it doesn't fix the problem. However if I uninstall the driver completely, and then reinstall the same driver (the one recommended by ASUS's website for this laptop) it works fine, at least until I pair in Ubuntu again.

Any way around this?

  • Do you have fastboot disabled in Windows?
    – acejavelin
    Aug 19, 2018 at 19:12
  • Hmm, I had it disabled previously, but it seems to have turned itself back on. I just shut it off again, I'll test the bluetooth later.
    – iammax
    Aug 19, 2018 at 19:29
  • We have to do this in a couple machines for various reasons... It seems every major Windows update enables it again. I have also had Bluetooth issues in my laptop if I do not do a complete shutdown before booting the next OS, a reboot seems to cause issues.
    – acejavelin
    Aug 19, 2018 at 19:35

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You can hsve your headphones paired with both OSes, wouldn't that be an better solution?

Here are guides to it. It is a bit different if it is a bluetooth Low energy device, and there are a couple of ways to do that.

link 1, link2 , link3, link 4

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    – DavidPostill
    Jul 17, 2020 at 18:56

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