I'm using Putty to connect to a box using a private key file.

I'd like to type the passphrase every time, but I don't want to type "ubuntu" every time for "login as:"

How can I get putty to remember the username, but not the password?

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You can simply save the host or ip address field in putty as ubuntu@ipaddr.


The option to enter a username is somewhat hidden in the Connection --> Data tab.
You can save a username in either your default profile or for a specific session.

PuTTY-auto-login username

Also of interest: the suggestions from http://dag.wiee.rs/blog/content/improving-putty-settings-on-windows (link dead; here's an archived copy)

  • Ofc. it's under 'Data' :D
    – muthuh
    Jul 27, 2022 at 10:33

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