Note: Somewhat related to Chrome Remote Desktop Keyboard ShortCut Needed

The Problem

I found using the Chrome Remote Desktop that the Ctrl key is not forwarded or recognized on the Mac as Mission Control Commands.

Workaround Attempt

So I started using the Chrome Remote Desktop WebApp beta on Windows 10, because it has key mapping!

I found that my best key mapping is to map the Crtl key to CMD. Which works well in the apps that I regularly use on the Mac for cut/copy/paste, etc. Yay! (this makes them work pretty much like my windows equivalents)

But the Mac Mission Control Shortcuts are still not working, because they depend on the Ctrl key.

Using System Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts, I remapped the Mission Control Shortcuts so they use Shift+CMD as the prefix to the arrow commands instead of Ctrl.

Note: I entered these keyboard mappings from my Chrome Remote Desktop session. So I know that Shift+CMD+arrows are making it over to the Mac.

Workaround Fail

When I use the Mac directly Shift+CMD+arrows does exactly what I expect, the Mission Control actions get performed.

When I use Chrome Remote Desktop I get nothing.


  • Is there some kind of setting I need to enable so that Mission Control will intercept shortcuts coming from Chrome Remote Desktop WebApp?
  • Is there maybe a better way to enable Mission Control Shortcuts over Chrome Remote Desktop?
  • Have you ever found a solution? – cheeesus Apr 2 at 14:35
  • sadly, no. I guess I have just gotten used to the keyboard issues on the Mac. – BruceJo Apr 2 at 21:31

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