I'm sharing my home directory in Windows 10 with my user's account for WSL - I even set my Windows home to my Linux home with usermod - and have been getting along great until my most recent update. My ~/.ssh/id_rsa had no problems being utilized before, but a few weeks ago, it started griping about permissions. (I mention the sharing of user home directories because it doesn't seem to help when I did the suggested hack of symbolically linking the Windows SSH directory with my WSL one, since they're the same)

My specific error: Permissions 0777 for mnt/c/Users/matth/.ssh/id_rsa are too open.

Has anyone dealt with/fixed this issue? I had been on the trail of a fix related to a possible mounting/partition issue after the last Creators update, but my old laptop hosed and I lost the trail.

  • Why do you have the permissions set to your RSA keys so everyone has write and read access, are you getting a warning or an actual error? – Ramhound Aug 24 at 22:47
  • It's been that way since I genned it. I can't seem to change permissions on it; chmod 600 id_rsa doesn't seem to do anything. screeencap – rainydaymatt Aug 24 at 23:14
  • Did you switch to the root user before you attempted that command? – Ramhound Aug 24 at 23:56
  • Don't share any folder b/w Windows and WSL forcefully. The interoperability isn't good. Just backup & copy the .ssh folder in WSL Home folder aka. ~ and set required permissions. – Biswapriyo Aug 25 at 7:12

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