I'd love to get this LCD monitor, but I'm wondering if I should hold out until more LED monitors are on the market.

I really like the brightness of the 27" iMac monitor and the above monitor is only rated at 5 cd/m2 less than that monitor, but wouldn't a back lit LED monitor appear to be much brighter than an LCD monitor? How do LCD monitors compare to their LED counterparts?

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    Apple monitors are generally better quality. – Josh K Apr 27 '10 at 16:15
  • In terms of general build quality or in terms of which specs (response time / brightness / contrast / color calibration)? In terms of specs I can't see much of a difference, though mac led monitors do seem brighter than some of the lcd monitors I've used. Either way I'll be forking out a lot of money so I'd like to make an informed decision. – evan Apr 27 '10 at 16:42
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    I'd be more likely to upvote this question if it used the terminology better. Both monitor types we're discussing are LCD monitors. The difference is whether the LCD is edge-backlight with CCFL tubes shining on a reflector, versus being directly backlight by a matrix of LEDs. So it's not "LCD monitor vs. LED monitor", it's "CCFL-backlit LCD vs. LED-backlit LCD" – Spiff Apr 28 '10 at 2:00

If you ever think you should wait for better display technology -- the answer is probably yes.
However, if you need a display today, your question should be which is the right one and will LED display prices fall faster than your urge for the display rises.

Some references,

  1. PC-Mag: How to Buy an LCD Monitor
  2. CNet: LED vs. LCD: Which is better?
  3. LED TV and LCD TV : A Comparative Study

You can also try AskAboutGadgets Stack Exchange.


Its mainly about brightness and power consumption. LED screens have less power consumption and generally higher brightness.

If you're looking at quality look up on IPS (in-plane switching) screens.

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