In my Linux machine I have boost libraries (libboost*.so files) in all of the above directories. I am wondering what is the difference between them. Can I remove the duplicate so files?


The differences : man hier

It displays short and to the point information about almost every file/folder in the Linux File System Hierarchy. And for the files/folders you want to know, It says :

          Object libraries, including dynamic libraries, plus some executables which
          usually are not invoked directly. More complicated programs may have whole
          subdirectories there.

          Files associated with locally installed programs.

And for the file/folder /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu, I (am not sure, but) think this :

          Files associated with locally installed programs for 64-bit architecture`

Can I remove the duplicate so files ?

I'm not sure what exactly consequences may be of removing the duplicates but would advise not do so. Read this.

 /usr    This directory is usually mounted from a separate partition.
          It should hold only shareable, read-only data, so that it can
          be mounted by various machines running Linux.

Hope you noticed read-only data and shareable.

Feel free to add in more details.

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