I'm on Ubuntu 9.10. My web application is in a directory on my /home/me/app . I want to configure Apache in such a way that I can access my app through a directory. For example:

People can access my machine through domain.com. What I would like to do is access my web application (located at /home/me/app) through a directory, using something like: domain.com/myapp.

How can I set up the Apache configuration for this kind of behavior? Of course, I do not want to move all my application to /var/www/myapp.

The Alias directive did not solve my problem. If try to enter something like mydomain.com/recommender/somedir. It won't find anything. Because the alias only covers the /recommender path

What I would like, is something like a VirtualHost, but instead of pointing to a ServerName, I want to point it to a directory name.


There are a couple of ways you could do it:

  1. Create a symbolic link to /home/me/app in /var/www

    ln -s /home/me/app /var/www/myapp

  2. Use the Alias directive in /etc/apache2/httpd.conf

    Alias /myapp /home/me/app

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