I am new to Linux. in the below commands, I can see rsync is listed in ls. but I am not able vi or cat to read it.

bash-3.1# ls /usr/local/bin
bash-3.1# vi /usr/local/bin/rsync
bash-3.1# cat /usr/local/bin/rsync

Vi and Cat showing file content as unreadable characters. I suppose it is binary executable. The file does not have extensions, is it possible to read the source code or at least tell which programming language it is written in?

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It is a compiled binary, there is no way to read it when it is compiled.

From its wikipedia page we can see that rsync is written in the C languange:

Written in C

rsync as most GNU tools is open-source, thus, you can read its source too.
It has its own repository, which you can clone, as quoted in rsync's download page:

git clone git://git.samba.org/rsync.git

Once you clone it, you can browse, read, edit, and do whatever you want to all of its source files.

If you are new to git, you can also just browse its files in its gitweb.

  • Not so perfect :), what you get is the source of another version of rsync. If you want the source of the version of rsync on your system, you get it from your distribution repository, for instance, on Ubuntu: apt-get source rsync (after adding the source code repositories to your software sources).
    – xenoid
    Aug 28, 2018 at 10:16

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