Just a day or two ago when I searched for a file or folder with the Windows 10 start menu it would come up with a double column panel of the search results.

On the left it had a list of "matches" and on the right it would show some details about the thing you had your mouse over, such as (if I recall correctly) the full path of the file and a link to open it's containing folder in the file explorer, which I found incredibly handy. (I know you can right-click & "open file location" but that's just not the same.)

Right now when I search I only see the normal left column, no extra details, even when searching an exact file name.

It there a way to re-enable this functionality? I've made no changes to Windows 10 settings as far as I know.


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I am not sure if my suggestion can help you on the issue. But it could be helpful.

  1. Restart the windows search services in the services.msc
  2. Restart the Cortana in the Task manager

Or reinstall and re-register the Cortana.

You can follow the link. How to Reinstall and Re-register Cortana in Windows 10

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