I have a laptop with 3 gigs RAM that freezes up consistently after about a week when running Lubuntu linux 14.04 in live USB mode (no hard drive). Another laptop that has 16 gigs RAM never freezes up.

I want to determine if the laptop freezes up due to not enough RAM, or if it's a hardware problem like bad memory.

How can I run diagnostics while it's still running to determine if it's about to run out of available RAM and freeze up?


Any of these commands will show you amount of free memory:


If you see that swap space is used that is the point when system becomes less responsive.

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  • And if swap is being used and it freezes at that moment there are reasons to suspect the HDD or SSD instead of RAM. I would also suggest memry diagnostics like MemTest because how much memory is being used doesn't tell us about defects in it. – user931000 Aug 31 '18 at 0:02

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