I have set up a web server on Vultr: IP: 198.13.xx.xx and I want to allow my other webserver https://myotherwebserver.io to pull information from it via curl - but everyone else should be blocked at the firewall level.

Example Case: https://myotherwebserver.io is running a php script that will curl this 198.13.xx.xx/api.php?resourceto get resource.

The api.php on the backend of 198.13.xx.xx is handling these requests with the $_GETvariable. It is a simple GET request, serving up a web page response for https://myotherwebserver.io.

However, the information resource is sensitive - so only https://myotherwebserver.io should be allowed to request it.

Lets say that the IP Address of https://myotherwebserver.io is 123.456.7.8.

Below is Vultr's firewall rules interface

enter image description here Question: How do I add this rule to both the IPV4 Rules and IPV6 Rules in Vultr?

  • The servers can only talk to each other - but that would probably be useful to further secure it. It certainly wouldn't hurt, but lets focus on the question at hand – Oscar Chambers Aug 31 '18 at 17:04

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