In case, i forget my WiFi Password, then except from changing password from Localhost address, there is any other way to connect to WiFi?


Yes, you can connect to locked WiFi Without password by using the functionality of WPS (WiFi Protected Set Up). Most of the Routers support WPS function. For this trick, you must have physical access to the Router of WiFi network you want to connect to. If you are on Windows or Android device, then you are lucky, this trick will gonna work for you. Because Apple Ecosystem doesn’t support the WPS function.

You can do this in simple steps:

Step 1: Go to “Settings” in your Smartphone –> “WiFi” –> Go to “More” or “3 Vertical dot icon” and search for “WPS Push Button” option and just Tap on it.

Step 2: Now, Also Tap the “WPS” button on the backside of your Router. Within some seconds these both devices pair up and your device will connect to WiFi network. That’s It!!!

Try it.

[Source Reference]: How to Connect to Locked WiFi Without using Password

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    Thanks Sneha. I tried this method and it really worked. This is the way i was looking for. – user939502 Aug 31 '18 at 20:31
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    WPS is insecure. Here's why: howtogeek.com/176124/… . If unavoidable use it to connect then disable it. – GabrielaGarcia Sep 1 '18 at 1:35

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