I'm working on a RHEL6 system with a software project, that requires C++11. This requirement forces me forgo the base compiler included with the OS (gcc-4.4.7) and use a manually-built one (gcc-8.2.0).

Things work except for valgrind and gdb. Neither tool reports debugging information. gdb can neither step through the code, nor print variables. valgrind, likewise, detects errors but is unable to give more precise information.

I tried recompiling with -O0, -g -ggdb3 -gdwarf-2 -- to no avail...

  • Not into C++ & am a Linux noob, but is it possible that gdb & valgrind need to be updated to be compatible with the compiler's output? Sounds like they're running into unrecognizable tokens or an invalid magic value and just ignore everything because of it. Especially because your compiler is +4 major versions different – l3l_aze Sep 1 '18 at 7:42

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