is possible to create template which create a new event in specific calendar?

Use case: I have "My calendar" and "Shared calendar" (My calendar is default calendar). I have template for Shared calendar (Availibity, notification, Subject prefix are set there). Shortcut for this template is pinned to Outlook taskbar icon - a new event from template can be made for two clicks.

But everytime, My calendar is set as folder for a new event created from template. When I want to change it I must click File, Change folder, select folder, go back and then save event.

How to avoid it?

I wanted to use "published forms" for it, but in forms I cannot set availibility and notifications. Also I want to modify this template and distribute it to my BFU coleagues (I cannot imagine how to distribute form to them).

Thanks for advices.


I don't think it's possible to use a template outside Outlook to create a meeting to a specific calendar. When you open a template or other outlook item from outside outlook, it always uses the default folders.

Try using "published forms". Then publish the form to a organizational forms library so than all users who have access to the library could use that form. See: How to create & publish Organizational Forms in Exchange 2013/Office 365.

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